The French Perfumer

#thefrenchperfumer‘Shorthand typist required by English speaker in the South of France. Live-in, full board plus salary commensurate with experience.’

Iris Turner, an unworldly young Englishwoman, arrives in the French Riviera to take up a secretarial role for the mysterious Hammond Brooke.

Living in a small, exclusive hotel among eccentric and unpredictable aristocrats and struggling to gain her employer’s trust, she soon realises that nothing is as it seems.

Initiated into the mysterious world of perfume, she finds herself entangled in a web of intrigue and deception. Gradually discovering the truth, she gains a new understanding of the meaning of love, loyalty and betrayal.

By the bestselling author of The Olive Sisters, this is a captivating and evocative novel full of surprising twists and turns.

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“The French Perfumer is thoroughly enjoyable.  Against the background of the post WWII period in France, Hampson has created a vivid world and colourful characters including the immensely likeable Iris, who tells the tale with verve, sharp observations and humour.”  Sarah Turnball, author Almost French

‘A delightful, witty gem of a book that will keep you guessing right to the end.’ Susan Duncan, author of Salvation Creek

‘The beauty of Amanda Hampson’s literature lies with her ability to observe and describe in such detail that all senses are ignited…. Hampson’s witty observations of the eccentric characters vividly depict post-war France and form a paradoxical world that lies in the past yet seems almost graspable.’In Review
‘This is a book that allows you to immerse yourself in the story and finishes in an unexpected way. It has the warmth of loyalty and the chill of greed and deception within its pages and would make an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys a novel that traverses their emotions.’Glam Adelaide

‘Historical fiction lovers will be sure to appreciate this release from Amanda Hampson. The French Perfumer is a novel that looks at the after effects of war and the experiences that shape who people become, following such a life changing event. It offers poignant insight into life in the post world war II period, in a location that was heavily touched by war. The overlay of perfume production gives this book another beautiful layer to explore and enjoy.’ Mrs B’s Book Reviews

‘The French Perfumer hides a mystery buried beneath the facade of this rich and unusual cast of characters. The eventual unfolding brings an entirely new and interesting layer to the enigma behind the actual French Perfumer and made for a highly satisfying conclusion, as though a pleasant form of justice had been served and brought a delightful conclusion for our avid record-keeper, Iris.’ Starts at 60

‘You won’t be able to put this down!’ Woman’s Day

This novel is more subtle and less predictable than most such stories, and the much-worked figure of the English innocent abroad in decadent Europe is treated here with humour and skill, as Iris gradually finds her way among these strangers. The dark shadow of World War II hangs over the characters and the story, and wartime skulduggery proves to be an intrinsic element of the plot. Sydney Morning Herald.