Two for the Road

…standards of plotting and editing that make a lot of ‘literary’ fiction look shabby. Sydney Morning Herald

When Cassie Munro escaped her hometown of Bilkara to follow the charismatic Dan to the other side of the world, she never expected to return. Now, devastated by revelations of her husband’s betrayal and the news of a brutal attack on her father she returns home with nothing left to lose.

Against her better judgement she takes on the task of saving her family’s beloved tow truck company in the face of violent opposition from a competitor. Despite the warnings of her father’s best friend, the tow-truck driver Kingi, and her mother’s firm conviction that the tow business is no place for a woman, Cassie is determined to make it work.

While struggling to break complicated emotional ties with her remorseful husband, Cassie meets her old flame Mack, who has troubles of his own. His young daughter, Rose, is desperately seeking a new mum – a role Cassie is determined to avoid.

Mack is convinced that he and Cassie can overcome their problems by confronting the reality of a tragic accident that devastated both their lives. He becomes the catalyst for Cassie to finally divulge her own dark secret.

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