Amanda Hampson

‘Hampson’s careful unfolding of intrigue is masterful’ Weekend Australian

‘The beauty of Amanda Hampson’s literature lies with her ability to observe and describe in such detail that all senses are ignited….

Hampson’s witty observations of the eccentric characters vividly depict post-war France and form a paradoxical world that lies in the past yet seems almost graspable.’ – In Review

‘This is a book that allows you to immerse yourself in the story and finishes in an unexpected way. It has the warmth of loyalty and the chill of greed and deception within its pages and would make an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys a novel that traverses their emotions.’ – Glam Adelaide

‘Beautifully written…a cross between literary and popular fiction, this is a book that would appeal to a wide audience.’ Coast Living

‘A rare treat in a noisy world’ Newcastle Herald