Winter Light

IMG_0533This time last year I spent a month in the South of France researching my new novel and captured this beautiful play of light and shadow in the back streets of Cannes.

For me, the research aspect of writing is one of the best parts – and a lot easier than the actual writing! I love the fact that the research experience is simply about opening the mind, observation and creative composting. It’s good to undertake the process with ideas, without being locked into anything and so allow for possibility.

The last 12 months have been steady writing and, at the 3rd draft, I sent the manuscript to a select few for feedback. It’s a great gift for any writer to have readers who take this role seriously and respond with well thought out and constructive feedback. It’s nothing to do with proof-reading (although anyone with particular expertise who can pick up factual slips is a huge asset) it’s more about the reader experience, finding out where the story does or doesn’t engage, loses credibility or momentum. I’ve had some very insightful and specific feedback relating to different elements and so now it’s on to the 4th (and no doubt 5th and 6th) revision.

Extreme Writing!


Just finished running my two-day ‘Extreme Writing!’ school holiday workshop for budding young writers – always a heap of fun.

I’m always blown away by the imagination and enthusiasm of young writers, although it saddens me how often they ask if they are ‘allowed’ to do something a different way. Unfortunately our school system is geared towards assessments – not creativity. It’s very special to be able to help them break out and write from the heart.

In Pursuit of ‘The Parfumeur’


I’m currently writing a new novel with the working title of ‘The Parfumeur’ which is set in the South of France in 1956. So in January 2015 I went to France for five weeks to do background research on the area where my story is set and learn as much as possible about the world of fragrance creation.

Here I’m attending a workshop at Parfums Galimard in Grasse where you are guided in the process of developing a personal perfume. Follow my journey HERE

The Olive Sisters – Movie Update


Over the last couple of years I’ve had the privilege of working on the screenplay for The Olive Sisters with the internationally admired and hugely talented Australian director Fred Schepisi. Over the last seven years I’ve written and rewritten this script but the last couple of years under Fred’s direction have been quite a learning curve for me and taken the script to a new level. Continue reading