In Pursuit of ‘The Parfumeur’


I’m currently writing a new novel with the working title of ‘The Parfumeur’ which is set in the South of France in 1956. So in January 2015 I went to France for five weeks to do background research on the area where my story is set and learn as much as possible about the world of fragrance creation.

Here I’m attending a workshop at Parfums Galimard in Grasse where you are guided in the process of developing a personal perfume. Follow my journey HERE

The Olive Sisters – Movie Update


Over the last couple of years I’ve had the privilege of working on the screenplay for The Olive Sisters with the internationally admired and hugely talented Australian director Fred Schepisi. Over the last seven years I’ve written and rewritten this script but the last couple of years under Fred’s direction have been quite a learning curve for me and taken the script to a new level. Continue reading