The Yellow Villa – out soon!


Not long until my new novel The Yellow Villa is in the shops. I’ll be out meeting readers and giving talks through May and June 2018 so I hope you’ll come along and say hello. If you enjoyed The French Perfumer, I think you’ll enjoy the new one even more!

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Synopsis The Yellow Villa







‘Sixty Summers’ – next novel

It might seems as though authors suddenly pop up with new novels but there is a long lead time and quite an overlap. For example, I started writing The Yellow Villa in late 2016, six months before The French Perfumer was released now I’m working on the next one.

I’m in London and Europe researching my next novel Sixty Summers which is set in Australia and Europe. You can follow my research journey HERE

Sixty Summers – Synopsis

When Maggie, Fran and Rose backpacked Europe together in 1978, they had dreams and ambitions. Now, forty years later, they are all at turning points in their lives. In an attempt to recapture the sense of freedom and purpose they once possessed, they set off on an odyssey that will test their friendship, challenge their beliefs and redefine the third age of their lives.

Top books 2017

I often get asked for the titles of my favourite books and usually struggle to remember a single book I’ve ever read.

I probably read about 20-25 books a year and these are my stand-outs for 2017 (in no particular order). Each in its own way has brought me pleasure and/or sorrow and/or a laughter – all highly recommended.

The Yellow Villa

My new novel The Yellow Villa will be released in May 2018. It’s set in a small village called Cordes-sur-Ciel in the Tarn region of France.  I stayed in the area in late 2016 and was looking around for a house that my characters would buy ‘sight unseen’. I noticed this lovely old mansion on one of my many walks and used it as my model. How wonderful are the gates?!

I’ve seen the cover concept and the villa image is absolutely gorgeous – more news as it comes to hand!

Lane Cove Literary Awards

Earlier this year, I was very honoured to be invited to judge the memoir category of the Lane Cove Literary Awards. These awards are really well supported by the Lane Cove Council and local businesses with generous prizes on offer.

There were over 100 entries in the memoir segment to be sorted into long list, short list and a winner – quite a process but the standard was very high and it was an absolute pleasure to read all these stories.

The winner Bushwalkers Guide to Love and Other Worms by Linda Wells, was a real standout and there were so fascinating stories.

It’s great that writers get on with it and get their stories out there. Look out for the entry date in 2018.

Memoir Prize

Winner – Bushwalkers Guide to Love and Other Worms by Linda Wells

Highly Commended – War was Hell on the Home Front by Jim Brigginshaw

Highly Commended – La Miserable by Nikki McWatters

Highly Commended – Charlie and the Others by Tanya Vavilova


The Burns Bay Bookery Youth Prize (16-24 years)

Winner – Syria, No Not That Syria by Minass Richani


The Baytree by Ardency Senior Prize (Age 65+)

Winner – War was Hell on the Home Front by Jim Brigginshaw


Stone Real Estate Resident Memoir Prize

Winner – Whom Ringdoves See by Margaret Barnes